David Edwards

David Edwards is a scientist, writer, inventor, and founder of Le Laboratoire.  Through his open experiments with artists, designers, scientists, and the general public, many of his most powerful innovations, from edible packaging, to olfactory communication, have been conceived, developed, and translated into cultural, commercial, and humanitarian practice worldwide.


Todd Maul

Bartender Todd Maul’s innovative approach to mixing has rocked the cocktail scene in Boston. Maul is a pioneer of culinary techniques and mixology. Utilizing technology more often seen in a laboratory, he has revolutionized the way we see cocktails. His advanced bar program was honored in the long list for the James Beard award for Outstanding Bar Program in the first year of operation.

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Brandon Baltzley

Executive Chef Brandon Baltzley who joined the restaurant in the winter of 2016 after positions at Ribelle, the 41-70, ongoing pop-up project The Buffalo Jump, and more, Café ArtScience’s progressive menu blends forward thinking with an appreciation for traditional technique through reinterpreted European and new-American classics. Baltzley’s menu is designed to flow from lightest to heartiest, allowing for multi-course a la carte dining. To appeal to every palate, he incorporates unique, unexpected ingredients in tasteful ways, finding enjoyment in introducing guests to something new.